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Au Pair and child

Most of our au pair applicants are students who are taking six months or a year out of university to perfect their English. They are young people, 18-24 years of age, who obviously like children and will be happy to be part of an English family, generally ‘mucking in’ and being made to feel part of the family.

The au pair will be willing and eager to please and be appreciated. Please note, however, that she will have had no training in childcare and is not a nanny. Your expectations should not be too high. You will find, however, that she will be quick to learn, intelligent and trustworthy.

A great deal of time and trouble will have been taken with her placement and she will have been carefully selected for your family to suit your tastes and requirements. References will have been taken up and our agents abroad will have done all they can to assure us of her suitability. Many of our au pairs are French, especially the summer holiday girls but we do have applicants from other European countries.

The au pairs who are in England for a school year will wish to attend a local college to study for the Cambridge exams in English as a Foreign Language and you should help to organise this. These courses are primarily designed for foreign students living in England and take up either two afternoons or evenings a week. In attending classes your student will have the opportunity to meet other girls , make friends and have some social life apart from the family.
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Genevieve Browne Au Pairs
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